Birthe Holm

works as Strategic Marketing Manager at TENTE Denmark. She coordinates the marketing strategy for TENTE Scandinavia, UK and several other subsidiaries. Birthe Holm also leads the Sustainability Expert Group of TENTE International. She is born in Aarhus, has a Master of Marketing and is 48 years old and mother of a daughter and a son.


Together with our colleagues it is my job to find marketing solutions that meet the market interests internationally and locally. Since a few months I am also responsible for the Sustainability Expert Group that is formed by members from different departments of TENTE on a global level. When I started at TENTE Denmark I already knew that I had to be aware of the cultural differences instead of thinking that Scandinavia is one entity. Decisions are taken differently in the individual subsidiaries of TENTE. That’s an important fact to consider when working in an international environment but finally we find a way that works both locally and for the TENTE Group in general. I use this experience for the new Sustainability Expert Group of TENTE International. The team includes people from production, supply chain management, human resources, controlling, health, safety and environment. We discuss a broad range of topics and find good solutions for sustainability. I really like to work on a global level and sustainability is a very important topic for me.


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