Senada Ogorinac

has been working in a two-shift pattern at TENTE for almost 30 years. For many of those years, she worked in the assembly of hospital bed castors and transport castors. Today she works in quality control within this department. During her employment, she acquired her forklift licence and received further qualifications. This enables her today to operate automatic assembly machines and presses without any assistance.


I am responsible for inspecting the assembly of hospital bed castors and transport castors. At the beginning of the shift I take a walk through all departments. Then I take a methodical look at all workplaces to see if the proper parts are being assembled in good quality. Naturally, this can only be done on a selective basis. I'm always on the move and can draw on my many years of experience in the assembly department. Certainly, it's not easy to work in shifts. Still, our department managers at TENTE usually take our wishes into account when scheduling our shifts. When I was a single parent, I was allowed to work in the early shift for a few years until my son became more independent.


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